• Pharmaceutical Testing

    Helping you develop testing method, formulations, and stability studies before taking up the exhibit batch.

  • Deformulation or Reverse Engineering

    Easy access to deformulating products like pharmaceutical,cosmetic,polymer products,cleaning products

  • Impurity Standard and Custom Impurity Synthesis

    Can custom synthesize the impurities with over 1000+ impurity standards in stock

  • Unknown Impurities Determination

    Helping you determine and characterize unknown compounds using LC-MS,CHNS-O, NMR, FT-IR etc and with other tools

  • Impurity Isolation and Characterization

    We can use preparative HPLC to isolate impurity and characterize it.

About Michigan Analytical Services

Our USP is to deliver quality of work at affordable price. With basic instrumentations in the US and advanced lab facilities across the globe with remote access to all the instrumentation and the workstation for direct supervision, the aim is to cut costs so as to provide affordable healthcare in the domestic market.

All the testing and analysis are conducted by scientists having combined filing experience of 300+ ANDA’s, 35+ NDA, 75+ DMF filing etc with extensive exposure in HPLC, Dissolution, LC-MS-MS, GC, GC-MS, NMR, CHNS-O, XRD, DSC etc to name few.

Testing or formulation problem, with kind of experience we have in the industry, you will be surprised we may have the solutions.

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